My Spring Wish List

Even though it’s officially Springtime it doesn’t feel like it yet – we are still wearing our winter coats here in the UK! So to cheer me up I thought I’d do a little online window shopping, and I came up with a Spring wish list…even though I definitely can’t afford some of these I may just cave in and purchase a few of these gorgeous items!


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1, 2. I love anything floral and I’ve been seeing floral shoes everywhere. These two options are beautiful and the flats are only £17.99!

3. I have the original Urban Decay Naked Palette and would love the Naked 3 for the pinky tones, but I may have to settle for a cheaper dupe.

4. I’ve never tried an Essie Polish (gasp!) but I would love this beautiful powder blue shade.

5. I love a good tinted lip balm and this Carmex one looks great, plus it has SPF.

6. I love monochrome stripes and this maxi skirt is only £10, love it!

7. Staying with the floral theme for Spring, this midi skirt is so cute.

8. I really want to add this chambray shirt to my wardrobe, and would look great with both of these skirts and so much else!

9. These sunglasses are way out of my price range but I think they’re just amazing!

10. This Kate Spade watch is so sweet, I love rose gold things.

11. How cute is this cross body bag? It’s just perfect for Spring/Summer. Not the most practical though!

12. Love love love these adorable Tiffany rose gold twisted bow earrings. Well, this is a wish list, right?

I do hope you enjoyed my first Wish List post, see you again! XO


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Red Lips!





I am so obsessed with this shirt! And can you believe it only cost £3.99 (new), including postage, from Ebay?! I am so pleased with my bargain purchase that I’m definitely going to buy more clothes from Ebay from now on. It did take a couple of weeks to arrive from China but worth it and the quality is not too bad either.

I obviously had to wear red lipstick with this shirt, and my cute red lips clutch finished off my ‘Red Lips is Everything’ look! I didn’t want to be overkill so I wore my purple shoes and coincidentally my nails are purple too (well, lavender.) I like the contrast of red and purple together.

I wore this outfit today, minus the clutch though as Lizzy and I went to meet a friend for coffee and scones, yum!

Shirt: Ebay (just search ‘red lips shirt’, a few sellers have the exact same shirt) | Jeans: ASOS : Shoes: Old (love these pointy ones) | Clutch: Lulu Guinness (mine is discontinued but she has some other cute ones here) | Lipstick: Elizabeth Arden Red Door Red

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by! xo


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My Signature Chanel Perfume

imageFor me, this eau de parfum is perfection in a bottle: CHANEL ALLURE.

As described by Chanel, it is ‘Difficult to define. Impossible to resist. An intensification of three of the six facets of ALLURE: Oriental, Fruity, Timeless floral.’

I am absolutely in love with it and I like to think that a signature perfume is a representation of the woman you are. I love classic things that don’t go out of style, such as pearls, or red lipstick, and this fragrance is feminine, sophisticated, elegant – characteristics I aspire to be. I would describe the scent as musky vanilla and floral with slightly fruity notes. My husband loves it too. It’s definitely alluring!

The bottle is equally elegant – simple yet beautiful with a gold and rose gold lid.

imageI don’t know why I bought such a big bottle, I guess I was greedy. I wish I hadn’t because I can’t travel with it, I really should buy one of those atomiser things. It is a very expensive perfume but this bottle will last a few more years – I bought it a couple of years ago, and probably only wear it once or twice a fortnight, if that! I keep it in the box away from sunlight or humidity to keep it from ‘going bad’.

Chanel Allure eau de parfum spray retails at around £48 for 35ml, £68 for 50ml and around £95 for 100ml.

My dream handbag is the classic Chanel 2.55 double flap and until I get my hands on one (wishful thinking!), I will be happy with my Chanel perfume.

What’s your signature or favourite perfume and what makes it so ‘you’?

Thanks for reading! XO

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