Toddler Style: Denim Dungaree Dress


Dungaree Dress: Matalan (current version here) | Top: Matalan | Shoes: Next | Tights: Ebay | Bow hair clips: Ebay 



Hello everyone! It’s been ages since my last Toddler style post, and I love this outfit – there’s just something so sweet about a classic denim dungaree dress (or ‘pinafore/pinny’ if you prefer) on little girls. I purchased this one last year but a similar version is available now. I adore all the heart details from the buttons to the pockets and clasps, as well as the cute bows at the waist. It’s just as lovely on the back with heart-shaped pockets and bows but I didn’t manage to snap a photo of it at the time. The polka dot top is also old and I couldn’t find a similar one online but dungaree dresses will look cute with most plain or patterned tops underneath. I think high tops look pretty cool on toddlers and I couldn’t resist this denim pair with the bunny print. Lizzy also owns a pair of navy polka dot canvas shoes but I felt it would be a bit much with the top and the dotty hair clips!

Lizzy wore this outfit to our local library for their ‘Wriggly Readers’ stories and songs session, which is great but she is such a shy little thing and it takes her a while to loosen up – she just sat there on my lap and eventually joined in with a few actions right at the end!

I hope you’re having a lovely week, and thanks for reading! XO

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The Only Lip Liner You’ll Ever Need?



Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a month since I last blogged – you know how you procrastinate, then procrastinate some more, then plan to do something soon but never get around to doing it? Yep, that’s me! But I’m pleased to say we’ve moved into our new place, I’ve unpacked most of our things and we’re settling in to a new routine (Lizzy has stopped her daytime naps at 26 months – bad as now I have literally no time to myself during the days but good as she now falls asleep by herself at a reasonable hour and stays in her bed the entire night, yippee! But I digress…) The point is, I am ready to get back into blogging and although I’m not one for having a set schedule for posts I’ll try to blog once or twice a week.

Anyway, onto the topic as the title suggests…

I decided to look for a clear lip liner recently as I have a couple of lipsticks that I know ‘bleed’ without using a liner, one of which is a sheer but true red (YSL Rouge Volupte Shine no.4) and the other a hot pink (Makeup Revolution Barbie is Jealous). I have a red lip liner (Rimmel Diva Red) but I don’t like the way it ultimately alters the colour of the lipstick, especially if I fill in my lips with the liner before applying the lipstick – which I kind of have to as if I don’t I would end up with an unsightly outline because the lipstick is sheer. Also the reason I like this particular lipstick is because it’s sheer, and I want to keep it that way – using lip liner underneath defeats this purpose. And I don’t have a pink lip liner to go with my pink lipstick, so I thought I’d save money and kill two birds with one stone by trying a clear lip liner, and how can you go wrong with a £1 product?

So, introducing MUA’s Anti bleed Lip Liner in Clear. Did I mention it’s only £1? The pencil’s lid comes with a built-in sharpener, which I love – I think all make-up pencils should come with these! The lip liner itself is soft and goes on smoothly, and because it’s clear, you obviously can’t see it when it’s on. I apply it on and just around my lip line, then put a little lip balm on before applying lipstick straight from the tube. Some people may prefer to use a lip brush for really precise application but for me I find applying from the tube is fine, plus it’s much quicker. I’ve tested this lip liner twice now with both of my lipsticks that bleed after about an hour without any lip liner on, and I’m happy to say that it does the job perfectly well, no bleeding even after more than four hours! Now I can use any lipstick shade with confidence, knowing that it won’t end up looking like I’ve smudged it all around my mouth. And I really think I won’t be needing a coloured lip liner ever again!

All in all, a fantastic product that works, and such a bargain at that 😉

I hope you found this post helpful, have you tried a clear lip liner? Thank you so much for reading! XO