Sparkly Gold Nails: UV Gel Polish



Redcome LED/UV Nail Polish shade 421 (here


Bluesky Base and Top coats (lots of options here)

Hi guys! This gorgeous gold glitter polish is just so appropriate for this time of year and makes me feel festive just looking at my nails!

I bought myself an at-home UV gel polish kit last year, having never tried shellac nail polish in a salon (I’m too stingy and prefer to do my own nails) and I love the results! Although these gel polishes are meant to last at least two weeks, I’ve found they last around ten days and then they start to loosen and peel, but this is still great considering I don’t need to worry about chipping or changing my polish, on holiday, for example. Also, once ‘cured’ using the UV lamp, there’s no drying time or worry of smudging or denting the freshly applied polish. You do have to follow the instructions really carefully though, for example make sure you don’t get the polish on the cuticles or skin around the nails, otherwise it will peel much sooner.

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a UV gel polish kit for yourself, I do recommend it. Do a little more research first to see if it’s right for you. I don’t find it to damage my nails (but immediately after removal my nails seem dry on the surface for a day or two) and removing it can take longer than normal nail polish, but for the fact that I don’t have to do it as often, it’s worth it!

I have only tried budget brands and not CND shellac which is what most salons use I think, so I can’t compare these, but for the price I pay (around £5-6 per polish) I’m very happy with the outcomes.

I bought everything I needed from Amazon at low prices. What you’ll need if you want to buy a kit:

A UV lamp to cure the gel polishes after each coat. My one has a two minute timer button so I don’t need to watch the clock each time.

Gel Base and Top Coats – essential steps to ensure long lasting results.

Gel Colour polish of course.

Prep and Wipe solution – this prepares the nails by making sure there is no oil or dirt on them. Also it’s used at the end as a last step to remove the sticky residue that is left from the gel polishes.

Gel polish remover – self explanatory really, although you don’t use it as you would normal nail polish remover. You soak a little piece of cotton pad then apply to the nail, then wrap this with a bit of tin foil and leave for ten minutes before scraping off. However I sometimes find I can pick and peel the polish off after about ten days!

Thanks for reading and I hope I’ve been somewhat informative if you’ve been wondering about gel nail polishes! XO

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I love this shade of deep purple with a subtle shimmer. It’s just perfect for Autumn/Winter. I got it free with a magazine a few years ago and since I only used it a couple of times its still good to use. It seems to be discontinued but I found a couple of similar shades here and here.

Thanks for stopping by today lovely readers! XO

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Barry M Nail Paint: Rose Quartz Glitter | Revlon: Extravagant



This Revlon nail polish is a beautiful metallic magenta shade and I had to take these pictures when I found some matching flowers in a cafe! I added an accent glitter nail polish for a bit of sparkle. I think you either love or hate this but I think it’s fun and mixes up a plain manicure sometimes. I find the finish of metallic nail polishes aren’t as smooth and they don’t last as long, but I do like the metallic-ness! After two coats of the colour and one coat of the glitter polish, I used my Revlon Quick-dry top coat for protection and shine.

What do you think of this colour and the glitter accent? I’d love to read your thoughts! XO


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